… that is all you are doing and your mind is clear of that

1 Aug

(I originally stared writing this on Sunday, July 26, 2009)

I feel rejuvenated and good. I am sitting here in my bedroom while the little one is as quite as Mount Zion. I just came from Abiodun’s Open House and I love feelings like these. A resurgence of energy that makes you feel like life is worth living to the maximum capacity. Some people think that living life to the maximum is to do wild things, or to travel all over the world, or to do every drug known to man, but that isn’t it. To live life to the fullest is to realize and live each moment in between your ears and outside of them. Your thoughts is your environment…

I was telling my two year old today, that life is a responsibility and in whatever we do there will be a consequence and a reward… always. Sometimes least of favorable things happen and even though that consequence may feel bad, there is still a reward in it, a lesson yearning to blossom. Sometimes we fail miserably, we fail over and over again, life feels like a cycle, rather than the upward spiral it is suppose to be— and that is because we have yet to value the value in valleys.

In order to appreciate a mountain, one must also appreciate the valley. A mountain has its highest point only because it has it lowest as well. That is the beauty of life. And the key to peace and understanding is to see the beauty even when everything around seems low and ugly.

I strongly believe that our destiny lies in our own hands… and I am not referring to the one that wipes your butt before the flush. Our hands follows whatever our thoughts created. You think, “I am hungry”, so you make something to eat. You think, “I am miserable, a failure”, and that is what will follow you: misery and defeat. There are even those who are so successful in material gain, but are so lonely and miserable because they fail to live in the moment of whatever they are doing. They want more and more, but life is more, nothing less. Life is worth your full attention… even when you are wiping your…

I think I feel good tonight, because I know that I can do this… Do everything I want and was meant to do. For the past couple of years I have felt let down because I was distracted by my thoughts, family, and peers. I felt like I haven’t accomplished anything and that was because I was not seeing the reward of my thoughts, but only the consequence. As a single mother, I have often felt unappreciated and devalued and that was because I was seeking a reward from the outside world: a check, a diploma, a certificate, and a wedding ring. I based my happiness on tangible things that if I probably had, I would find another reason to be unhappy. Happiness has nothing to do with anything but your thoughts. How you think will determine greatly how you feel about yourself.

Everything that I have been through has showed me everything that I want to accomplish, and ironically at the same time, it has also showed me that if I don’t accomplish those things the mere act of trying is enough and I am fine with that. Reaching perfection is not my goal. The goal is to live without expectations (for you will let yourself down inevitably) but just to live: to do what I am doing with my full attention. That is perfection!

I can still smile because the point is to do it and to live in that moment thinking, feeling, touching, tasting, seeing, smelling whatever is being done in that moment- that is the true essence of living in the moment. (It definitely requires a responsible trained heart and mind to be that way for distractions will try to make an appearance).

That when you are driving that is all you are doing and your mind is clear of that. That when you are listening to you friend that is all you are doing and your mind is clear of that. That when you are reading this post/point… (you should get the refrain by now).

With that being said, December 13, 2009 will be the released date for my book of pieces/poems entitled: He art: Pieces of a Whole… Tell me what yall think of the book cover. he-art

Be Well in Writing,

3 Responses to “… that is all you are doing and your mind is clear of that”

  1. Timothy Prolific Jones August 1, 2009 at 6:18 pm #

    This is the first blog post I’ve seen from you. I know we haven’t had a chance to really build, but we definitely need to. You have a positive outlook, and that will get you far. Keep your head up, and keep striving.

    • jujuthepoet August 1, 2009 at 6:25 pm #

      You don’t know how much that means to me… Thanks King!

  2. Kari August 5, 2009 at 12:15 am #

    Write Write Write, we need to 2 hear what yr saying, its healing…

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