She Will Not Be Moved…

17 May

I have been around children all my life. I have babysat them, taught them in the classroom, kept some for a period of time, and now I am raising one. But as the saying goes, there is nothing like having your own. Little people are “fun” to be around when you are doing little people things like playing at the park or making a song out of shapes and numbers.  But when you are sitting in a lecture for four hours, there isn’t much running and singing one can do. “Big people” things, well, aren’t really for “little people”, unless you have a brainiac on your hands, cuz brianiac equals a “big people” trait.

I got it! …. What I need is a genius! … How can I make a three year old a genius in 12 weeks? … Hmmm, this could make a very interested reality show on youtube …  Oh, wait, is that the register ringing? … I am getting ahead of myself.

In August, I begin classes at Purchase College. I was recently accepted to their writing program… Yes. Mama is stirring the pot up and one of the ingredients is a degree in poetry.  Lets see where this goes because I have a problem finishing what I start, like the point of this blog.

No, but really starting a youtube show may keep me on track, because I am more serious than I have ever been. Zion needs to be like her name and be still -literally like the mountain, not metaphorically like in her spirit.  When her spirit is set on something, she is more stubborn than a i-don’t-know-what.  And that whole parenting-magazine distracting bit doesn’t work. She remembers what she wants.


Don’t get me wrong; I love my daughter very much.  I just wish her behavior were different so she could chill with me in class or anywhere were quiet is encouraged. I mean, I need to finish school. I want the school to be our village. It’s a perfect village. The village of artist and intellectuals, or not? I want her mind to grow with her spirit. The challenge is that she is a) three years old and b) she acts like it. So, this is a challenge. DUM DUM DUM

Let’s see if I am up to it, the reality show, that is… Any suggestions on what to do?

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