A Step Toward the Legendary- ZION IMPRINTS

18 May

So, today (or maybe it was last night) I launched my printing company’s website, ZION IMPRINTS. This is a huge step in the right direction for me. These kind of projects is the kind of thing that dreams are made of.

My goal with the company is to make money by printing for artists and businesses, and to later use the profit to publish poetry in the form of chapbooks and a literary magazine or on going anthology. Sooner than later, I will be asking poets to contribute to the anthology or magazine (I haven’t decided on which yet). I know that I need a strong team of collaborators.  To make this project happen I need editors, thinkers, graphic designers for print and web, manual laborers, financial supporters through donations and subscriptions, and other organizations to be involved in the mission of the company. But all that will come in time. As you can see with the logo, one step at a time…

I decided to name the company after my daughter, because her name means heaven or utopia. It also means promise. And I named and created the company under those wishes. Because the literary cannon is off balance in hue, sex and culture, it is up to small independent presses to create artwork that is relevant and filled with craft; that is my promise to the literary community. I know, that there are plenty of independent presses out there with similar missions and I am just adding to the mold, but I hope with Zion Imprints we do more than publish and create work. I hope to be a part of a larger community of writers that are empower-ers, not only creators. Writers/poets spark ideas that can create and change meaning in the world. There can be heaven… right here. It is a collaborated effort. Simply put, we individually need each other (maybe that isn’t simple).

As of now, I am taking orders in printing whatever that needs to be printed for you. You can check that out at http://www.zionimprints.com. Also, in the store section of the website, they are a couple of chapbooks for sale, including mine.

Feel free to look around the website and I encourage you to leave me feedback here or at the website or in e-mail. And please stay tuned for upcoming projects!

Your support will leave a ripple in changing the literary world, that is if you believe… ZION IMPRINTS.

Be Well in Writing,


One Response to “A Step Toward the Legendary- ZION IMPRINTS”

  1. teenmamainc May 25, 2010 at 10:06 am #

    Good luck with this. I admire all the work you are putting into it.

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