Update: January until Now

28 May

So, next month will be June, and in the end of it the year 2010 will be halfway full. Time has flown by and many things have happened for me. I have taken minor and major strides in my writing, performance and printing career. The months have been moving so fast that I don’t know where the time has gone… but when I look back, I know exactly where it has gone:

  1. I self-published He Art.
  2. I launched my personal website: http://www.jujuthepoet.com.
  3. I launched my printing site: http://www.zionimprints.com.
  4. I designed both logos for both entities, me and my press.
  5. I have 6 clients in my printing press, including myself. 🙂
  6. I have been featured in the three boroughs. — That is a big deal for me because I haven’t performed in soooo long.
  7. I was apart of Cave Canem South in South Carolina and briefly took instruction from Patricia Smith, Kwame Dawes, Nikky Finley, and Frank X Walker.
  8. I am one class away from completing my certificate in Graphic Design in Print Productions from NYU.
  9. I was accepted to the Creative Writing program at Purchase College.
  10. I am finishing up with my Acentos Fellowship program and have been invited to be a part of their first retreat in Soul Mountain!!!
  11. I have had four websites write about He Art.  (I am working on another two sites!).
  12. And I continue to work on more accomplishments.

I am super excited for my future. Many exciting things are happening and I thank you for your constant love and support. It wouldn’t be anything without you.

I feel reborn. I feel alive. I have fallen back inlove with writing and the possibilities.

Be Well in Writing,


P.S. Here is a fun toon I found on the internet about being a sensitive poet. Do you fit the criteria?

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