JuJu Prompt of the Day (6)

22 Sep

Write a no less than five line and no more than ten line poem, using only one and/or two syllabic words… So, no word in the poem can contain three or more syllables.


JuJu Prompt of the Day (5)

21 Sep

Jot down five memories you had as a child. Be specific in your description. Be very aware of sensory images, your environment, and how you felt at those specified times. The list doesn’t not have to be in complete sentences, just jot down words and lists.

After you have jotted down those memories. Pick at least one or how many as you want and write the poem in your childhood voice.

Remember to post them in the comments section!



JuJu Prompt of the Day (4)

20 Sep

Notice three things about your environment. One can be nonliving, and the other two must be living. List them… Lastly write a haiku using the three things you listed.

For those of you who are just learning what a haiku is. Here is

the format:

First line: 5 syallables

Second line: 7 syallables

Third line: 5 syallables

So, here is my quick version of this exercise.

My list of words are: kleenex, leaves, berries

earth’s breath, leaves, sway dance

tears push berries from trees, i

pick them into kleenex

It isn’t rocket science folk… I tried. Now off to class!


JuJu Prompt of the Day (3)

17 Sep

Today’s prompt is a line taken from Bekah’s Dinnersteins lasted Chapbook, “GraffitiMagick”

End your poem with the line:

“the ancient heart wakes up in your body”

-Bekah Dinnerstein


JuJu Prompt of the Day (2)

16 Sep

I really enjoy the kind of exercise where you have a group of words that you have to make a poem out of. It is like the poet’s clay, and you have to mold something so particular…

So, here is your list of words that should be incorporated into the poem any way you like…. Ready. Set. Go…

Charcoal, arhythmia, pitches, splayed, mud,

streaked, dank,

fertile, delta, heels

Whatever word that you think you do not know you can look up at www.dictionary.com OR what’s even more fun is if you take a guess and give it it’s own meaning… Trust yourself – that’s the first rule in writing!

Still waiting to give a book or two away from our catalog


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